Riding the PMC

Well, I did it again. During the first hour of the first day of registration for the 2016 Pan Mass Challenge, I went to their website and paid the $235 fee to register. I’m not sure why I was in such a hurry to do so. Happily there were some donors who seemed in a hurry to donate and $500 or so of research funding rang in. Thank you, donors.

But maybe the reason I was in a hurry is because deep down I worry about the cancer coming back so I tried to beat it. Maybe if I hurry up and register while I’m healthy I’ll stay healthy through the PMC. Of course that makes no sense as I did exactly the same thing last year and was knocked out of riding by disease progression two months before the PMC, in June.

But this year will be different, right? I’ve had two terrific scans with my new experimental medicine and I believe I’m in better shape than at this time last year. So what’s to stop me?

Well I guess cancer could. But it won’t. This drug is working too well, my scans look too clear, and I feel too strong. Right?

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2 thoughts on “Riding the PMC

  1. I am awed by you and your writings…what strength and character you show. How blessed we are to have you as part of our wacky, wonderful family. Love you and your beautiful wonderful wacky family! xoxo

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