Ignyta publishes Q2 2017 update on entrectinib for ROS1

Ignyta recently published an update on results from the STARTRK-2 trial of entrectinib. The report had promising results for ROS1+ non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who have not taken other targeted therapies, especially those patients who have brain metastases.

Patients who responded saw a response within the first three months on the drug. When the researchers gathered the data for this report, half of the patients in the trial saw their response last  about 17 months, while the other half had a longer duration response.  Entrectinib is not an effective treatment for ROS1+ cancers that have progressed on crizotinib.

Although the trial allows patients with any type of ROS1+ cancer to enroll in the trial (this is called a “basket design”), most ROS1+ patients in the trial had NSCLC. This is likely because the majority of new NSCLC patients are now tested for ROS1+ per NCCN NSCLC guidelines, while patients with other types of cancer are rarely tested for ROS1+ unless the patient takes the initiative to pursue testing.

Per this report, Ignyta is pursuing FDA approval of entrectinib for ROS1+ NSCLC.

You can read the full report here: Entrectinib and STARTRK-2 2nd Quarter 2017 Update


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