ROS1ders Meet the Rodents

What happens when you tell someone they have a terminal diagnosis and potentially less than a year to live?

They cry, get scared, worry about the loved ones they will leave behind, and grieve.

And if they are anything like the ROS1ders, they organize and make stuff happen. It has not been easy, and along they way we have gained more to our ranks, and have heartbreakingly lost others. We carry on in their memory, and hope to change the fate of others in our community.

We are thrilled to announce that the ROS1 PDX study has finally come to fruition. This initiative will take the rare and understudied cancer driver, ROS1, from our tumor samples and develop mouse models so that researchers can design new drugs to treat our cancer and any resistance it may develop.

Godspeed to those researchers. We are counting on you.

(And thank you, Mice.)

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