ROS1+ lung cancer patients: Paid opportunity to share your experience for research

The ROS1ders received the information below directly from the researcher, and agreed to share it in hopes patients with ROS1+ NSCLC would participate.  We receive no compensation of any kind for sharing this information.


“The Lived-Experience and Needs of Lung Cancer Patients with Driver Mutations”

We invite you to be part of a research study about the experience and needs of lung cancer patients. This study is conducted by Morhaf Al Achkar and his collaborators at the University of Washington.

Please consider being part of the study if you meet ALL the following criteria:

–18 years of age or older.
–Have lung cancer with driver mutation (ALK, ROS, EGFR, etc.).
–Psychologically and physically well enough to take part.
–Proficient in English.
–Willing to share about your day-to-day life.

Our goal is to understand the day-to-day experiences of lung cancer patients. We also want to find the unmet physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of patients. Then we can propose changes to management and support approaches to fill these needs.

The study consists of three 60-minutes interviews, 6-12 months apart. The interview will be audio-recorded and analyzed. If you choose to take part, you will be paid $50 for each interview, with a bonus $25 for finishing all three interviews.

If you would like more information about this study, please call (206)-520-2443 or email

Agreement to be contacted or a request for more information does not bind you to take part in any study.

Thank you again for considering taking part of this research opportunity.

Morhaf Al Achkar, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
The University of Washington