Announcing The ROS1ders newsletter “ROS1derings”

We’ve created a newsletter!

This newsletter will become a quarterly communication tool for The ROS1ders. In this issue, Marisa Wittebort shares tips for contributing to the ROS1 tissue study, Bärbel Söhlke​ writes about ROS1 activities in Europe, Jeff Wynne details what his data base shows about ROS1 members, and Lisa Goldman offers a fundraising update. We’ve also included a letter you can give to your doctor if you’re interested in participating in the ROS1 Cancer Model Project. Thanks to our authors and to editors Joyce Hoelting and Jeff Wynne for making this happen.

We’re anxious to hear what you think! Please tell us in the comments what you’d like to read about in our next newsletter.

April 2019 ROS1derings

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