ROS1derings Winter 2020 (The ROS1ders newsletter)

Welcome to the Winter 2020 issue of ROS1derings, the newsletter of The ROS1ders!

This issue contains info about on our patient-driven research, a fundraising update, a summary of current targeted therapies for ROS1+ cancers, and tips on parenting after a ROS1+ cancer diagnosis. Thanks to editors Joyce Hoelting and Jeff Wynne, and contributors Lisa Goldman, Renee Parker, and Geert Vandeweyer.

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Gray Connections

I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in May 2011. The cancer became metastatic in October 2011. No, I never smoked anything (except a salmon). I've had no evidence of disease since January 2013 thanks to precision medicine, clinical trials, and other patients. ANYONE can get lung cancer. Using my engineering degrees (MIT SBME 1978, Caltech Aeronautics MS 1984 and ENGR 1986), I enjoyed a 20-year career in aerospace systems engineering as a technical translator of sorts: I researched a scientific or engineering subject and helped others understand how this new gizmo could benefit them. In the time I have left, I want to use my skills to help others who have lung cancer, and increase the visibility and knowledge of lung cancer among those who don't. I also study brain research, enjoy traveling, write science fiction, and geek out about all sorts of science stuff.

One thought on “ROS1derings Winter 2020 (The ROS1ders newsletter)

  1. First, we are so proud to be helping the ROS1ers with their research and all else they need.

    To follow up on Janet’s comment about Comprehensive Genomic Profiling also known as bio marker testing. Please always ask for ALL the genomic markers available for lung cancer patients. Too often testing is only given for a few of the options.

    To receive the best possible treatment your physician needs to have all the information about your very UNIQUE cancer to give you the best treatment available.

    Your ‘body print’ is as unique as your fingerprint’!!!!


    Bonnie J. Addario
    Co-Founder and Chair


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