Pulmonary hypertension in ROS1+ patients on TKIs

Two independent studies found ROS1+ lung cancer patients are more likely to develop blood clots than patients who have other lung cancers. Pulmonary embolisms are not uncommon in the ROS1ders, and these types of blood clots can eventually result in pulmonary hypertension (because it increases pressure on the heart).

The appearance of a new blood clot in a patient taking a TKI may indicate a TKI is not entirely effective, progression is happening, or that anticoagulation treatment needs tweaking, but there isn’t any data about this other than a few case studies. However, there’s a new letter to the editor discussing pulmonary hypertension and ALK TKIs in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.

ROS1-rearranged Non–small-cell Lung Cancer is Associated With a High Rate of Venous Thromboembolism: Analysis From a Phase II, Prospective, Multicenter, Two-arms Trial (METROS)

ROS1-Rearranged Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Factor V Leiden, and Recurrent Venous Thromboses

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in ALK Receptor Tyrosine Kinase–Positive Lung Cancer Patient: Adverse Event or Disease Spread? (JTO Feb 2019)

ROS1 Gene Rearrangements Are Associated With an Elevated Risk of Peridiagnosis Thromboembolic Events

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