Wonder Drug!!

Hungry for Life

Many of you know that I recently went on my First Descents kayaking trip. Rather than describe the experience in words, I’m going to attempt via pics. Just know that First Descents is an organization that brings together young adult cancer survivors (aka the most incredible people you will ever meet) for a week of … Continue reading Hungry for Life

CT Scans #10-Update, and more…

Since the beginning, and for about two years, I had my blood drawn every month to check the level of my tumor markers.  Tumor markers  give me an indirect indication about the activity of my tumors…low levels indicate low or no growth, while elevated and/or rising values raise the concern that my tumors are growing. Additionally, … Continue reading CT Scans #10-Update, and more…

ROS1 People Unite — Power to the Patients!

In my last blog post I mentioned how difficult I find it to live with the uncertainty, knowing that there’s no obvious post-Xalkori treatment available for me, yet. Predictably, I received several messages from others in the lung cancer community try to reassure me that there are options. “Don’t worry, Zykadia is working great for … Continue reading ROS1 People Unite — Power to the Patients!