The head bone is connected to the neck bone

About a year ago the bone in my lower jaw started showing through my gums. This was a result of the bone treatments I received for my cancer. ( needles to say, they stopped administering it when this happened) Without my knowing it slowly became infected. …continue reading…


A Busy (and fun) Summer

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and that’s a good thing. My health, (both the cancer thing and my knee injury,) has been good so I’ve been busy taking advantage of the nice weather we’ve been enjoying in the Chicago area. We’ve traveled some, making it to weddings and a weekend get-away to the … Continue reading A Busy (and fun) Summer

Update #9 – It Never Ends

So. this is a weird place to be. I just had a PET scan and it was good. I mean, not perfect. Radiologists aren’t fond of unqualified perfect reports. They’re halfway to lawyer-ville with their CYA language …continue reading…

Holy rash almighty

Holy rash almighty. Below is a graphic image for mature audiences only. Consider yourself warned. …continue reading…

When you take a pill, drink ALL the water!