Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015 As part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015, I am participating in a Blog Chain.  Along with several other lung cancer bloggers, I will be interviewing members of our lung cancer community.  Our hope is to raise awareness by bringing to our readers the faces and stories of people fighting … Continue reading PROFILES IN LUNG CANCER – DAY 7: JILL FELDMAN


Well…we did it again. Wynn and I took another great trip, this time to Japan with Nathan and Nina. Not since 2012, when the four of us went to Ecuador and Peru, have we been able to travel together. This was an important trip for me. Besides my mother and sister, who live in the … Continue reading Japan

My Lung Cancer Community

In the past, you’ve heard me blabbing about how grateful I am for cancer researchers who, not only discovered the ROS1 tumor mutation that is causing my cancer, but who also found a drug, a pill, that manages to work around the mutation allowing the gene to function properly. Thus my tumors shrank and have … Continue reading My Lung Cancer Community

CT Scans #10-Update, and more…

Since the beginning, and for about two years, I had my blood drawn every month to check the level of my tumor markers.  Tumor markers  give me an indirect indication about the activity of my tumors…low levels indicate low or no growth, while elevated and/or rising values raise the concern that my tumors are growing. Additionally, … Continue reading CT Scans #10-Update, and more…

A Busy (and fun) Summer

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and that’s a good thing. My health, (both the cancer thing and my knee injury,) has been good so I’ve been busy taking advantage of the nice weather we’ve been enjoying in the Chicago area. We’ve traveled some, making it to weddings and a weekend get-away to the … Continue reading A Busy (and fun) Summer