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    1. Thanks for the link. While we have evidence that cabo is effective for some ROS1 patients, apparently it’s very toxic with severe side effects, so it’s not a first-choice therapy for ROS1.

  1. hello.Im japanese,contact you at first time.
    my mother (59 years old, never smoked a cigaret) was diagnosed with lungcancer in april 2015, EGFR and ALK-negative.
    So continued normal chemo.
    Ros1+ was found in March 2016,and started ros1 clinical trial DS-6051b(Phase 1)from September 2016. but,it was not good result…
    Now,trying Alimta.
    but ros1 Inhibitory is still our hope.
    We want to join to search our hope and exchange information.

    best regards.

    1. I had Alimta as part of my treatment, but it was discontinued after only 1 treatment because I reacted very severely to it. I hope and pray that all is well! Alimta may work out just fine for her. Take care and God bless, John

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