If you are a ROS1 patient with a biopsy or surgical procedure coming up, contact Nurse Alicia (866-988-ROS1 or 866-988-7671) to see if you qualify for the ROS1 Cancer Model Project. For more information about this project, click here.

This site was created by patients living with an uncommon disease called ROS1+ cancer. We call ourselves ROS1ders (learn more about us here).  We built this site to share the knowledge we’ve gained since our diagnoses, and build a global community that will accelerate research into our disease, provide access to effective treatments, and improve outcomes for ROS1+ cancer patients.

Here you can find:

ROS1 by the Numbers:



We aim to make ROS1+ cancer a manageable chronic disease before we die.  We hope you’ll join us. Click on the “Follow” link at the bottom of any page on this site to receive email when we publish new blogs.

Last updated 04-Feb-2018