The purpose of this survey is to determine how many ROS1der patients might be available to participate in research, and whether they are willing to participate.  The poll was 10 questions long, conducted in English, and took about 10 minutes to answer on average. 59 ROS1ders have responded. Not all respondents answered all questions. Most all of the responses were collected in November 2016.

All participants agreed to sharing their aggregated responses on this website. Question 1 responses (names and contact information) are omitted for privacy. Some of the questions were answered by carers on behalf of their ROS1+ patients.  Summaries of de-identified comments are available upon request.

The ROS1ders are not a typical cohort of patients.  Everyone in the group is an engaged patient who is actively looking online for ways to improve their cancer outcome.

Last updated 24-May-2017