My Hair is Coming Back!

For two weeks in August, 2015, I had whole brain radiation therapy. Ten days of being locked to a table for seven-minute sessions intended to slow or stop the growth of the metastatic cancer in my brain. During treatments I saw blue lights and smelled chlorine, neither of which were in the room, a testament … Continue reading My Hair is Coming Back!

Op volle toeren.

Cancer On My Mind

Ha ha – I couldn’t help myself. My dedicated readers will recall from my last post, “The Other Shoe,” that although Xalkori continues to be totally amazing at controlling the cancer in my body, it is not doing so hot in my brain. So, as I predicted, I have amped up my participation in the … Continue reading Cancer On My Mind

The Other Shoe

From the day I started chemo for my stage 4 lung cancer, I have had nothing but great results. The chemo started working immediately and my breathing improved noticeably after the very first treatment. Each scan showed shrinking (or at least stability) of my tumors and a PET scan even revealed that my targeted medicine … Continue reading The Other Shoe