My Hair is Coming Back!

For two weeks in August, 2015, I had whole brain radiation therapy. Ten days of being locked to a table for seven-minute sessions intended to slow or stop the growth of the metastatic cancer in my brain. During treatments I saw blue lights and smelled chlorine, neither of which were in the room, a testament … Continue reading My Hair is Coming Back!

When It Rains, It Pours

Cancer On My Mind

Ha ha – I couldn’t help myself. My dedicated readers will recall from my last post, “The Other Shoe,” that although Xalkori continues to be totally amazing at controlling the cancer in my body, it is not doing so hot in my brain. So, as I predicted, I have amped up my participation in the … Continue reading Cancer On My Mind

Tips for Coping With Cancer: Make a “Grateful” List

In 2013, the website Moments A Day posted a lovely list to help moms remember why they’re grateful for the irritations in their life. It’s a great example of recognizing that how we choose to think about events can make a difference in how we view life. …continue reading…

Gift Ideas for Someone With Cancer

I’ve toyed with writing a blog post on the topic of gifts for a cancer patient for a long time, but haven’t because it’s a little tricky. It would be impossible to list everything I’ve received and yet, I’m terrified of leaving some out. The generosity that has flowed my way has brought me to … Continue reading Gift Ideas for Someone With Cancer

The head bone is connected to the neck bone

About a year ago the bone in my lower jaw started showing through my gums. This was a result of the bone treatments I received for my cancer. ( needles to say, they stopped administering it when this happened) Without my knowing it slowly became infected. …continue reading…