Pfizer new lung cancer drug is successful for funding.

NICE have published a guidance for Pfizer’s Xalkori drug to treat ROS1-postivie non-small cell lung cancer has been made available via the Cancer drugs fund. Head of Oncology at Pfizer UK Craig Eagle commented on the news, “The decision to make the drug available is good news for patients in England. We are committed to … Continue reading Pfizer new lung cancer drug is successful for funding.

This is me. These are my Lungs.

September 21, 2015. I moved to London to start a Master’s degree in Legal and Political Theory at University College London. I worked my tail off to get into this program, which only admits twenty-five people annually from around the globe. I uprooted my otherwise stable and fun life working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading This is me. These are my Lungs.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!! (& an update!)

WAR ON…. ??

My Lung Cancer Community

In the past, you’ve heard me blabbing about how grateful I am for cancer researchers who, not only discovered the ROS1 tumor mutation that is causing my cancer, but who also found a drug, a pill, that manages to work around the mutation allowing the gene to function properly. Thus my tumors shrank and have … Continue reading My Lung Cancer Community

The Other Shoe

From the day I started chemo for my stage 4 lung cancer, I have had nothing but great results. The chemo started working immediately and my breathing improved noticeably after the very first treatment. Each scan showed shrinking (or at least stability) of my tumors and a PET scan even revealed that my targeted medicine … Continue reading The Other Shoe